Thursday, January 19, 2012

Makeup Tips and Tricks

-Chapped lips? Nothing to exfoliate with? Rub a dask of sugar on your lip, it taked off all the dead skin.

-Racoon eyes? No makeup remover? Take a q-tip and dab in a bit of lotion and use it the same way you would a makeup remover,
the lotion will wipe it right off.

-Small eyes? Line the inside of them with a white eye liner.  It will make your eyes pop.

-Want a slimmer nose? Use a highlighting powder and place it down the bridge of your nose for a shadowing effect.

-Hate taking off water proof masacara? Apply a coat of regular mascara first, then
top it with waterproof. "This way, the waterproof formula locks onto the other mascara instead of your lashes, so it comes
off easily.

-Thin Lips? To make thin lips appear larger, apply your liner just outside of your natural lip line.

-Want big, bold lashes? A trick makeup artists use to make lashes pop is apply one coat of lengthening mascara, followed by
 one coat of thickening mascara.

-want your eyelashes flipped up more? After applying mascara, blow dry them or cold for about 30 secs.

-Want to get a perfect self tan but you always get streaks, when applying it mix it with body lotion, it prevents streaking.

-Foundation to heavy? Mix in some face moisturizer

-did you paint your nails and need them to dry very quick? Apply cuticle oil to them and they will dry almost instantly.

-want a dewy look on your face? when applying foundation add in some drops of liquid bronzer. (mac luster drops/hard candy glow all the way)


Melody said...

I've heard about exfoliating lips using sugar...I'm gonna have to try that cause winter is getting the best of me right now. Great blog! Follow each other?

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great tips!

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These are great tips! xx

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Yay! Thanks for these tips!

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Great tips, thanks for sharing darling :D

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Lovely blog - I look forward to reading all your posts!


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Great tips!

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