Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Does your foundation streak?

Remove dead skin by exfoliating, and apply an oil-free primer first, says Rea Ann Silva, cocreator of Beauty Blender. This provides an even canvas for makeup. Then swipe on foundation with a damp makeup sponge to blend everything in for a seamless finish. If you see any lines around your chin or neck later, dab a little moisturizer over those areas to smooth things out.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Foundation VS. Tinted Moisturizer

Think of them in the same terms as lip gloss versus lipstick -- one's sheer, the other's more serious. A tinted moisturizer is a face lotion with a hint of color that evens out tone but still lets skin show through -- as lip gloss does. Foundation, though, like lipstick, has more pigment and allows for an opaque "done" effect. So, do you need both? No. The one you need depends on how much coverage you want. If your complexion is clear but you need to even out redness, then tinted moisturizer is your best. If you're looking to camouflage acne scars or pigmentation problems, then opt for a full-coverage foundation. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How can I stop my base from fading?

Controlling oil and properly using powder are key to making your foundation last all day. During your morning makeup ritual, apply only a small amount of moisturizer, then warm up a liquid foundation between your palms before applying it; the heat from your hands will increase the makeup's ability to penetrate skin. Finish with a dusting of loose powder to eliminate excess oil and set the makeup. Touch up during the day with a dual-finish foundation (a powder and liquid combo).-Cosmo

Friday, January 20, 2012

My top 6 Scents of all time

1. Sexy little things by Victoria's Secret $25.00 aprox.

2. Viva la juicy by Juicy Couture $40-90 aprox.

3. Very sexy by Victoria's secret $40 aprox. 

4. Nina by Nina Ricci $60 aprox.

5.  Love Express by express $60 aprox.

Paris by Paris Hilton $55 aprox.

* NOTE: These are approximate prices. Prices can vary depending on sale, location of purchase and  quantity of product.*

Thursday, January 19, 2012




NYX Xtreme lip cream swatches. Pick your poision! $6.00

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The Daily Nail

Nail polish-wet n wild- cotton mouth
nail glitter and stars from lasplash

Facial Contouring

Facial contouring helps improve the features of the face in so many ways. Looking at how society has perceived beauty, most men and women have specific areas of their face that they want to improve or accentuate. Some are very conscious with having large cheeks or round-shaped faces. While some complain having hollowed faces, brought about by aging which caused the skin to lose its elasticity. Others are conscious about not having asymmetrical features and are very discontented with the shape of their noses or chins. 


1. Prep your face by cleansing and applying your usual foundation (exact colour of your skin) and concealer.
2. What you need for the contouring is — a bronzer (or a foundation 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone), blush, highlight powder (or a foundation 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone), and eye shadow, eyeliner and makeup brushes.
3. Stand under an overhead light which brightly illuminates your face. Use this as a guideline to see where your shadows naturally fall and contour your face accordingly.
4. Alternatively, you may start by sucking your cheeks in and locating your cheek bones and the hollows under it. The hollow is where you need to apply bronzer (or the darker foundation) in a sweeping movement from the top of your forehead’s hairline. Extend the brush movement to the area directly underneath the apples of your cheeks. Blend well.
5. If your face is small, you can just shade the hollows of the cheeks starting from the temples. Shading on the forehead along your hairline will make your face appear even smaller.
At the same time, those with a broad forehead can benefit from using bronzer to shade around the hairline to minimize its apparent width. It is very important to know what your face shape is and work with it accordingly.
6. If you have a wide face, use bronzer to shade the outer edges of your jaw line to make it appear smaller. People with narrow thin faces may skip this part.
Those with a double chin can sweep the brush under the jaw line to create a shadow there.
7. The apples of your cheeks may be highlighted with highlight powder and a blush in a colour of your choice.
8. Pick up a smaller brush. Apply your strokes from where your eyebrow begins down along the sides of the bridge of the nose. Leave the bridge untouched. Repeat on the other side, blending really well to avoid harsh lines.
When you get to the tip of your nose, examine its shape carefully.
If your nose has a wide tip, blend your bronzer inwards underneath the tip, to create a v-shaped shadow facing inwards. Use highlight powder to make the tip of the nose more prominent, and extend the highlight along the bridge.
If your nose has a naturally narrow tip, then flare outwards from the tip forming an upside-down ‘v’. Soften the tip with a neutral shade of foundation. This will balance a very sharp nosed face. Use highlighter or a neutral foundation powder along the bridge to give it the desired shape.
Some noses may be shaped perfectly and will not need to be over defined. With trial and error, you will know what looks most aesthetic.
9. Use highlighter to lighten your brow bone just underneath your brows to lift the eye. Add a hint of highlight along the inner corner of the eye for a more wide-awake look. Shade the crease with a dark brown or any deeper shade of eye shadow. Apply the eye shadow as usual. Line your eyes and apply mascara.
10. You may want to apply a slight touch of highlighter on the Cupid’s bow to give definition to your lips. Line lips with a deeper shade than your lipstick colour and fill inside the outline with lipstick.

Makeup Tips and Tricks

-Chapped lips? Nothing to exfoliate with? Rub a dask of sugar on your lip, it taked off all the dead skin.

-Racoon eyes? No makeup remover? Take a q-tip and dab in a bit of lotion and use it the same way you would a makeup remover,
the lotion will wipe it right off.

-Small eyes? Line the inside of them with a white eye liner.  It will make your eyes pop.

-Want a slimmer nose? Use a highlighting powder and place it down the bridge of your nose for a shadowing effect.

-Hate taking off water proof masacara? Apply a coat of regular mascara first, then
top it with waterproof. "This way, the waterproof formula locks onto the other mascara instead of your lashes, so it comes
off easily.

-Thin Lips? To make thin lips appear larger, apply your liner just outside of your natural lip line.

-Want big, bold lashes? A trick makeup artists use to make lashes pop is apply one coat of lengthening mascara, followed by
 one coat of thickening mascara.

-want your eyelashes flipped up more? After applying mascara, blow dry them or cold for about 30 secs.

-Want to get a perfect self tan but you always get streaks, when applying it mix it with body lotion, it prevents streaking.

-Foundation to heavy? Mix in some face moisturizer

-did you paint your nails and need them to dry very quick? Apply cuticle oil to them and they will dry almost instantly.

-want a dewy look on your face? when applying foundation add in some drops of liquid bronzer. (mac luster drops/hard candy glow all the way)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eyeshadow Look

Harmon Haul

Tresemme heat tamer
Hard candy teal liquid eye liner
Hard candy glamoflage
Nyx lipgloss
Nyx cream blush
wet n wild bronzer in princess
revlon airbrush foundation
revlon diamond dust silver shadow
dream nude airbrush foundation
instant age rewind concealer

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am now selling MARK. Makeup. If your interested in fashion and beauty this is the place for you. I can send you a

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

How I take care of my skin

1. Cleanse- I use clean and clear advantage 3 in 1 acne cleanser.  I love this product because it has salicylic acid in it, which helps clean out dirt from your pores and prevents pimples.  I have been using this product for about 5 years and it always does the job.
2. Moisturize- I use Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion.  Its not too oily or thick, which I really like. You can put a thin layer on if you have oily skin and more of a thick layer in areas of dry skin. I have been using this product for 10 years and its amazing. I have tried other lotions over the yrs and always go back because they either break me out or dry my face up. This one is just right and it also comes in a gel besides the lotion.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Its not what you think!

Primers for the face are usually very expensive.  If you have never tried one they normally are very silky and have a silicone feel.  There are many different brands, but the newest trend? Monistat soothing care. Its cheap and is made of the same ingredients as primers.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jerseylicious is back

Are you ready for Feb. 19, 2012
-More drama
-Bigger hair
-Tanner skin

Celeb no-no's

Celebs are known to look fabulous, but every now and then their makeup artist can have a slip up and not realize what they did.   In these picture you will see four poor celebs who fell victim to this crime.  When taking pictures with a bright flash, like on the red carpet, using an HD powder with silica in it can cause this ghostly appearance.  Remember to read labels before pictures.

Ultimate Dupes

For the everyday girl on the everyday budget. From high end, to your favorite drug store brands.


Get ready with me

1. I took my camo quad and used the pink undertone color, which helps cancel out dark circles.  I dabbed it where the red is.
2. Using my NYX HD concealer I put it over the pink color in a triangle form.  The triangle form gives the light under eye look, like Kim Kardashian.
3. Next I took my MAC strobe light lotion and applied in over my concealer to give the shimmer highlight Kim Kardashian has.
4. Then I took an eyebrow pencil and shaded my eyebrows in.
5. I then took my all about cheeks palette from NARS and used orgasm for the blush, I used a stippling brush by sephora #44, and a fan brush from coastal scents to apply hungry heart along my upper cheek bone for the highlight.

6. I used NYX eyeshadow base to prevent creasing and enhance the color payoff of the shadows.
&. Next I took a flat shader brush and put toasted from the Naked palette all over the lid.

*. I used an angled crease brush to put this coastal scents cranberry color in my crease blending in and up from the outer V. Then I took creep and went over the outer V keeping it controlled so it doesn't go too far into the inner corner.

 9. I used my MAC 217 for the highlight .
10. I used NYX jumbo eyeliner pen to make a cat eye.
11. I then put on my mascara.
12, I put my lipgloss on for the finishing touch!
The End.