Saturday, December 31, 2011

Haul/Rave: Coastal Scents

So I just received my first ever purchase with Coastal Scents and let me tell you how excited I am. I was very skeptical to order these products, I thought they would be ok or bad quality...Well let me tell you!  I ordered A 22 piece brush set and the quality is amazing, I am so thrilled at how good these brushes are.  I cant wait to use them. $34.95
I also ordered an empty palette to put shadows in. great quality as well.
 I purchased 2 eyeshadows for the palette to test the pigment and color payoff of these shadows, well I swatched them and they are extremely pigmented, just like mac shadow, but $1.99 instead of $14.99!!!
They also added a free sample of the loose mineralized shadow, which I will be purchasing now that I saw it!  So all in all I rate them 10 out 10.  I will be ordering much more from them very soon.  They also were extremely prompt with shipping, I received my order 4 days after I ordered it! I am very pleased, so if you wanted to purchase with them and weren't sure, I am telling you go for it!


Kelly said...

Your blog is great as well!! I love all these hauls, it makes me wanna going shopping right now lol.


Mica McLaren - Make Up Junkie - said...

How much was the brush roll hun? loving your blog I'm your new follower :) keep posting xx

Alessia said...

Wow you did a very good shopping :D
Unfortunately I am a little bit concerned to order from the website because there have always been problems with customs for packages from the United States in my country :(

PolaBerry said...

Great blog!

Peace Love And Lipgloss said...

Thanksfor your comment on my blog, yours is nice too i hve followed you xx

nicole said...

i love your blog, glad i found it :) x

LaaFemmeNIKIta said...

I was literally about to buy a brush set from them! I'm glad I found your blog because trying to buy Mac brushes is getting expensive.I will definitely go and get some of these brushes!

Lisa said...

wow ! did you order the brushes on amazon ? or on Costal scents website ? xx

Lisa xx